World Cup Betting Predictions: CONCACAF Qualified Teams and Costa Rica’s Chances to Qualify

Three CONCACAF squads have secured spots in the 2022 Qatar World Cup soccer tournament. Costa Rica can be the fourth. Do the United States, Canada, and Mexico have a chance to move to the Round of 16 from their groups? What are Los Ticos chances of making the World Cup field? Check out FIFA World Cup odds on the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as well as a prediction for Cost Rica. 

Odds to Win the FIFA World Cup for All CONCACAF Classified Teams & Costa Rica’s Situation

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

World Cup Odds to Win for CONCACAF Teams

  • United States +100000
  • Canada +150000
  • Mexico +150000

Does the USA have any shot of moving on from Group B?

After the draw, many soccer analysts felt confident enough to declare the United States the second best team in Group B. No doubt, England is the top squad. 

Most believe the U.S. can beat Iran and Scotland, Wales, or the Ukraine. But is that true?

Iran shouldn’t pose an issue. Scotland, Wales, or the Ukraine, whichever team ends up the fourth in Group B, will. There won’t be a more motivated team than the Ukrainians should they end up earning the WC bid.

Wales and Scotland may not have better overall players than the United States, but those two nations field teams that have played with each other for longer. 

Also, the U.S. looked terrible losing to Costa Rica’s bench players in their last. Don’t hand Team USA a Round of 16 pass just yet. 

Can Canada upset Belgium, Morocco, or Croatia in Group F and move to the Round of 16?

Early during CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying, the Canadiens ruled. Oh Canada dominated their CONCACAF opponents building a big lead over Mexico and the United States.

In recent matches, though, Canada failed to impress, which is why when it comes to Group F, the Canadians are the longest shot on the board. Canada won’t beat Belgium, but can the Canadians take it to Morocco or Croatia and secure their spot in the Round of 16?

It’s not likely. Canada is a decent soccer club. They’re not close to being as talented as Croatia. They may not be as talented as Morocco. So Group F will go to Belgium and Croatia.

If the Croatians or Belgians stumble, Morocco figures to be the team to pick up the pieces, not Canada. 

Can Mexico finish first or second in Group C ahead of Poland and Argentina?

Of the three CONCACAF teams that have qualified for the World Cup, Mexico looks best. Yes, the United States has owned Mexico, but that’s because El Tri just recently gelled.

The Mexicans played so well in their final two qualifying matches that they ended up with 28 points, tied with Canada for the CONCACAF’s top spot. El Tri landed in a tough group.

Mexico should have no trouble against Saudi Arabia. But Poland and Argentina are solid. El Tri has no shot against Argentina. Only a few teams in the entire tournament does.

But if El Tri is at their best, they can beat Poland. The Polish are a strong squad, but so is Mexico. Of the three CONCACAF teams that have qualified, Mexico has the best chance of moving to the Round of 16.  

Will Costa Rica beat New Zealand? And if they do, can they reach the Round of 16?

Los Ticos played great versus the United States. Yes, the U.S. didn’t have to win the match to qualify for the World Cup. 

But Costa Rica dominated the Americans via a 2-0 score. Costa Rica must beat New Zealand on June 13 to secure their World Cup spot.

Beating New Zealand won’t be easy. The New Zealanders have dominated in their last 5. But we should put New Zealand’s victories in perspective. 

Destroying the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tahiti, and Papua New Guinea is much different than beating Los Ticos. Costa Rica drew against Mexico and beat both Canada and the United States. 

So Costa Rica will beat New Zealand and grab a spot at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. However, Los Ticos won’t make it to the Round of 16. Spain and Germany will finish 1-2 in Group E.

Still, making the World Cup is huge. So once Costa Rica beats New Zealand, Los Ticos and their fans will have plenty to celebrate. 


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