Xposed Takes a Break from Gambling Streaming for Health Reasons

29 Mar

Prominent streamer Xposed, known for his gambling content, has announced that he will be taking a break for the next three to four weeks to prioritise his health. This news comes after years of non-stop streaming and focusing on “high level stressful” content, which Xposed admits has been taking a heavy toll on his health.

Prioritising Health

Xposed has been streaming gambling content since 2015, and over the years, he has not taken a significant break. He has been very successful in his streaming career, making tons of money from his gambling exploits but the price in other areas of his life has become too much to ignore. Xposed now acknowledges that his health is more important than his career and he has decided to take some time off.

In his post, Xposed notes that the content he streams is very stressful, and the wildly differing emotions, including stressing over big losses, have taken a toll on his health. He believes that a break is necessary for him to recharge and refocus on his health.

The decision to take a break was not easy for Xposed, who says that the money he was making from streaming was way too good to pass up for a long time. However, reality has now set in, and physical and mental health will now be his top priority.

While the gambling streams have been put on pause, Xposed said that he will probably stream some less stressful content during the break to avoid burnout and maintain his well-being.

Kick.com the New Place for Gambling Streams?

Xposed has been streaming on Kick in recent months, after Twitch banned content that shows gambling on unregulated platforms, including Stake. After making the move, the Canadian said the new platform was likely the final destination for gambling streamers.

Poker luckily escaped what could have been a blanket ban for gambling on Twitch last year. Pressure from some of the platform’s biggest streamers threatened to cause a loss of ad revenue during the Christmas period of action wasn’t taken against what was called degenerate behaviour from certain individuals. Fortunately, Twitch thought the situation through and allowed poker streamers to continue as normal.

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