“Alfastreet has achieved its position in the global market because it always puts future development as the main priority”

As the gaming industry prepares to gather at G2E Las Vegas 2022, Alfastreet’s CEO, Tjasa Luin Peric spoke with Yogonet about the company’s plans for the showcase, which includes is set to include its “best sellers.”

The brand will land on The Venetian Expo with its Lucky 8 and brand new single terminals Virgo connected with craps cylinders. Software developments in the gaming interface will debut at the event, as the company looks forward to meeting and greeting customers and partners. 

However, according to Peric, the company is saving most of its novelties for ICE London 2023, “where the company is expecting more visitors, especially from the European markets.”

Alfastreet’s stand at G2E 2019.

Alfastreet is attending the event after a first half of the year described as “very successful,” forecasting a second semester that is expected to reach a 38% growth compared to last year’s results. Back in June, the brand announced its financial results for the first quarter of the year, reporting a surplus on its sales plan by 18%

The company’s CEO underscored that the most important thing during objectively difficult times was the “management’s ability to stabilize the company’s operative process, thus guaranteeing fluent production.” 

“Times are still difficult and managing is challenging since we are coping with huge delays in the material supply,” she continued, and stated that Alfastreet hopes the situation with deliveries will improve next year, thus allowing the company to complete all orders to the customers in time. 

In the meantime, the brand continues to expand its footprint at a global level, with its sales growing steadily in new markets. “Sales are distributed quite equally in different jurisdictions, although we are still noticing that some markets are relatively quiet because of the recovery after the pandemic, and we still need more time to re-invest in the equipment,” Peric explained. 

The company prepared different packages to help their customers to recover after the ongoing global crisis and “stays positive about future development,” she added. 

“Alfastreet has achieved its position in the global gaming market because it always puts future development as the main priority,” Peric pointed out. “This will remain unchanged, therefore there is a massive investment in resources and time into new projects, some of which will be ready for the beginning of next season.”

Peric added that the demand from different markets is very diversified and Alfastreet needs to adapt its solutions to a vast range of requirements, “to keep its competitiveness and offer unique solutions to its customers.”

The brand’s CEO also stated that due to the increasingly stringent regulations worldwide “it is not always possible to satisfy every wish of the customers, but we still manage to come very, very close.”

“The highly capable and knowledgeable staff in dedicated departments has the wealth of 30-year experience and the drive to implement future solutions and technologies into products that keep setting the standard in the industry,” she concluded. 

The G2E showcase will take place in Las Vegas October 10-13, at the Venetian Expo. Alfastreet will be exhibiting at booth #2448.