ComeOn Group Launched Global Hybrid Working Model

A new global hybrid working model was launched by ComeOn Group in response to shifting employee and business demands following the impact of the pandemic.

Choose Your Workplace

Operating out of offices located in Malta, London and Stockholm, ComeOn Group introduced a new hybrid model for its employees to allow them to choose on a day-to-day basis from where they will be working, choosing between home or office or a combination of both.

Employees are at the centre of this decision. During the past 24 months, all of the teams rallied together and made working from home a success. However, one of the common threads was that the offices were an incubator for ideas, brainstorming and generally, just meeting with our awesome colleagues, so this decision was a no-brainer for us.”

Daniela Vella, COO, ComeOn Group

ComeOn Group’s offices have already undergone refurbishment to facilitate collaborative working and social interaction between team members. The company also launched a global desk booking system paired with an app to allow a higher degree of flexibility to its employees to plan their visits to each of the respective offices.

In the beginning of the year we polled our people on how they prefer to work post pandemic and 91% answered to keep it flexible. So with these figures in hand, we are investing in a true, top-notch quality hybrid office setup for our employees, to participate in face-to-face collaborative working experiences when they are in our locations.”

Juergen Reutter, CEO, ComeOn Group

The decision to come up with the hybrid working model followed a series of interviews conducted with company employees, during which ComeOn Group sought to understand their needs and wants while global working patterns were shifting in response to the new reality.

To further support the newly-launched hybrid working model, ComeOn Group offers its employees allowance to set up a home office and also spend eight weeks working in an alternative location.

At the Forefront of the Industry

Founded in 2008, Malta-based ComeOn Group executed a multi-brand strategy to grow from a small start-up to a big player in the online gaming space.

Driven by its strong reputation as an employer of choice in the gaming industry, ComeOn Group won the ‘Great Place to Work’ award at the International Gaming Awards 2021 in London last month, while the company’s efforts to stay at the forefront of the industry through product innovation helped it receive the ‘Online Casino Operator of the Year’ award.