Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth Fighting on Twitter Again

12 Sep

Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth have crossed swords once again on Twitter. The pair have a history of bickering on social media and following an explosive interview on the Nick Vertucci Show Polk has responded to some pointed comments by the “Poker Brat”.

Why All the Criticism?

The interview kicked off with Vertucci asking Phil Hellmuth why he thinks he gets so much criticism from the fans given his stellar record. Hellmuth responded by explaining that it’s purely because he isn’t shy to declare himself as the best player around!

Two areas of his game that constantly come under fire are his performance in the high roller events which are populated by the poker elite and cash games.

Hellmuth was quick to point out that he is $1.7 million up in the high rollers and hasn’t had a losing month in cash games for over a decade. He openly admitted that between 2004-2008 he was a losing player but soon did the work and started to win, a streak that continues through today.

Shots Fired at Doug Polk

The first shot fired at Doug Polk was that of being sensationalist when producing poker news content. Hellmuth claims he flat out lies sometimes and always takes a clickbait approach. He even added that this has caused his viewership to turn away through a lack of trust.

Polk was obviously far from impressed at the criticism of his work.

“I make videos on the internet about things that happen. We show the thing, and I talk about it. I stand by my work, my staff, and my purpose; and if you think the problem here is me covering the story perhaps you should reflect on why you are blaming me to begin with.” Even Hellmuth’s fans half-supported Polk’s approach. “I love Phil. I really do. I find him interesting and I love interesting people. But for a guy who gets the most passes for his behavior of anyone I have ever seen to complain like this is ridiculous. Getting called out for the behavior he has exhibited is 100% fair.” All in all it’s a storm in a teacup but, no doubt, there will be another spat brewing in the pipeline!

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