Doug Polk Reflects on 2022

04 Jan

As we move into the New Year, Doug Polk has tweeted some heartfelt comments about the last 12 months he just had, and it’s clear he’s had a rough one.

The Upswing Poker founder has had a successful career in the poker world, both from playing and his media and business aspects. But 2022 certainly wasn’t what he expected.

The Twitter thread started off normally enough, pointing out that poker is where most of his success has come from and that he is not an investing expert. He added that his first year at the helm of the Lodge Poker Club saw fantastic growth and he is planning to produce a HUNL course detailing what he learned from his grudge match against Daniel Negreanu.

Next up was a recognition that his current fitness prop bet with Bill Perkins was a great move and he will do everything he can to avoid slipping back into old habits.

“No more health hiatus’ where I gain a bunch of fat and put myself in a scenario where it will take me months or years to become healthy again. Im at the healthiest point of my life and I’m going to keep these habits permanently with me as I move into the future.”

Can Doug Polk Ever Avoid Controversy?

There were a lot of shots fired at Doug Polk throughout 2022. Not only did his role as a brand ambassador for the failing CoinFLEX land him in the firing line but his outspokenness during the first few weeks of the Hustler Casino Live scandal lost him more than a few fans.
“Going to be far more selective on companies and people I allow to have an impact on my name. Maybe I was just gullible, but I felt good about working with Coinflex. In retrospect but there was no reason to jeapordize my integrity in assuming they would operate appropriately.”

Finally, there was a typical paragraph mentioning time management and commitments, just like many of us feel at the close of yet another year.

Polk ended with:

“It was a tough year. Worst year I’ve had both financially and with public backlash. Somehow the year I thought would be my best ended up being one of my worst. That’s life though, we pickup and continue to try and do our best. Looking forward to what 2023 has and beyond“

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