Fight Breaks Out During Hustler Casino Poker Stream During Hand

Fight Breaks Out During Hustler Casino Poker Stream During Hand

02 Nov

In a recent Hustler Casino Live show, co-owner Nick Vertucci got into a verbal dispute with fellow Hustler Live player Jerry after Vertucci lost a big pot.

The Hand

The full video of the hand can be found on Hustler Casino Live’s YouTube channel, with the specific hand starting at 4:23:18.

The pre-flop action began with a couple limps from early position and a loose open to $300 from Patrick in the hi-jack. Vertucci decided to three-bet AQo to $1,600 from the big blind. The other player involved in the hand, Mayhem, called with 88.

The two went heads up to the flop with a pot of $3,705. On a 62A flop, Vertucci decided to c-bet $1,000, but was faced with a raise to $3,400 from Mayhem. Vertucci called, and the turn was a 2. Vertucci checked it over to the post-flop aggressor, and Mayhem continued firing with a $6,400 bet.

In some odd turn-card action, Mayhem allowed Vertucci to guess his hand three times for a side bet of $700. Vertucci ended up folding after a few minutes of contemplation and some needling from the antagonist of this story.

The Drama

The clip of the dispute was posted on Reddit by u/itsaride.

The bickering began when player Jerry threw in his two cents while Vertucci was trying to make his turn decision. Jerry seemed to be upset about how much time the hand was taking.

“I can’t do a side bet on the side because they’re wasting [sic] time, but we can wait like twenty minutes on a hand?” said Jerry. “Are you out of your fucking mind?” Vertucci responded. “There’s fucking $12,000 in there and I’m trying to make a decision.” Jerry needled back: “That’s a big decision? $12,000?” Vertucci replied, “Dude, you’re like way out of line, I don’t care how big of a fucking whale you are.” After Vertucci folded to Mayhem’s well-timed bluff, he let it all out. “Hey, listen,” Vertucci said firmly, “let’s get this square…I apologize to you, I’m not in the mood.” “I’m not in the fucking mood either,” Jerry replied, visibly upset.

After the two told each other to leave them alone.

“We have an agreement,” Jerry said to Vertucci, “Leave me the fuck alone.” “We have another agreement,” Vertucci said, “Fuck you.”

Jerry was not happy with that response, and dared Vertucci to back up his words.

At this point, Jerry stood up and started walking in Vertucci’s direction while casino staff began to hold him back.

“You wanna get on TV and see what happens to you?” Jerry asked while motioning towards Vertucci. “Let’s see what the fuck happens to you right now, Nick. Punk-ass motherfucker.” Mayhem was ultimately the one who de-escalated the situation, albeit with some physical force, and some other hotel staff walked Jerry out of the poker room.

The Aftermath

After all was said and done, fellow player Luda Chris told Vertucci that although Jerry was out of line during the hand, Vertucci shouldn’t have escalated the situation with his “f*** you” remark. “I’m so sick right now,” Vertucci said, reflecting on the spat. “That’s so gross that I have to let him puffer because he knows nothing’s going to happen. That’s like when you’re in the principal’s office trying to be tough because you know nothing is going to happen.” Jerry did end up returning to the game. He apologized to Vertucci, but it didn’t do much for him. Vertucci left the game the same exact hand that Jerry returned to the game.

It will be interesting to see if Jerry is allowed to play Hustler Casino Live again, given that staff allowed him to return to the game after the dispute.

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