Formula 1 Constructors Championship Betting Odds and Picks for the 2022 Season

The 2022 Formula 1 Season revs its engines on March 20 when the world’s best drivers enter their cars for the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Bahrain GP is Round 1 in the 22 rounds F1 season. A lot will be at stake this year not only for drivers but also for constructors. Check out current Formula 1 Constructors Championship odds as well as the top four picks. 

F1 Constructors Championship Odds and Predictions

2022 Formula One Season

  • When: March 20 – Nov. 20

F1 Constructors Championship Odds 

  • Mercedes -190
  • Red Bull Racing +248
  • Ferrari +265
  • McLaren +1075
  • Alpine +3800
  • Aston Martin +7000
  • Alphatauri +13000
  • Williams +22000
  • Haas +22000
  • Alfa Romeo Racing +30000

Top Pick: Red Bull Racing

Beating Mercedes is never easy, but Red Bull Racing could leap into the top spot this year. First, Max Verstappen is easily one of the top two drivers at Formula One. 

Verstappen won the 2021 F1 Driver’s Championship over favorite Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen has also won 20 Formula One events and figures to only get better after his 2021 victory.

Red Bull’s second driver is Sergio Perez. The Mexican born driver has 2 total victories. 1 of the wins happened at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last year. 

Perez has found a home racing for Red Bull. He knows his primary job will be to help Verstappen beat Hamilton. So expect Red Bull Racing to be one of the top two constructors during the 2022 F1 Season. 

Second Choice: Mercedes

Some might see the -190 and believe Mercedes offers overlay odds. After all, any team that sends Lewis Hamilton to the racetrack should be much lower than -190.

Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers in F1 history. He’s won 103 races and 7 championships. He’s like the Novak Djokovic of racing. 

But Hamilton didn’t catch Verstappen in 2021. Also, he must try and help Mercedes win the constructors title this season without Valtteri Bottas. 

Bottas no longer races for Mercedes. Hamilton’s partner this year is George Russell. The United Kingdom driver has gone to the podium just once. His best finish in 60 Formula One races is second-place.

Hamilton could win the driver’s championship while Mercedes loses the constructors championship. That’s the likeliest outcome. 

Third Choice: Ferrari

Ferrari hinted that they were taking off 2021 and planning for 2022, which is why the multiple constructors championship winning team could bounce back in a big way this year.

Ferrari is third on this list because Red Bull and Mercedes are proven. But if Charles Leclerc finally becomes Sebastian Vettel and if Carlos Sainz takes the next step, who knows?

Ferrari might leap to first place. Keep a close eye on what happens in Bahrain on March 20. If Saints or Leclerc steps to the podium, put Ferrari in the same class as Mercedes and Red Bull. 

Fourth Choice: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo shouldn’t be good enough to move into the top three. But the constructor should be better than last season simply because Valtteri Bottas, who never got his due while driving for Mercedes, will be behind the wheel.

Bottas has 10 Formula One victories. He’s one of the best drivers at F1. No doubt, Valtteri will have to carry Alfa Romeo this season because Guanyu Zhou has never raced in an F1 event. 

So, again, Alfa Romeo may not crack the top three. But they could finish fourth, which would be a massive accomplishment given the resources Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, and Ferrari have.  


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