How Same Game Parlays are Making Betting More Exciting

betting parlays for the same game

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Sports betting is an incredibly exciting and interesting market that many have started to be able to embrace and enjoy to its fullest in recent years within the US.

Of course, there is so much that is possible to explore including a variety of different bet types that can be placed across a plethora of different sports.

However, for those that are looking to make the entire betting experience even more exciting than it already is, then they should look no further than the same game parlays!


What are same game parlays?

For those that are unaware or are perhaps new to sports betting, same game parlays is a type of bet that has become widely available for punters that can make wagering even more exhilarating than it already is.

Also known as one-game parlays and single-game parlays, they are a group of bets that have been correlated together to form an extended bet that can include a number of different features, such as different markets.

Indeed, these types of bets have become so popular with punters in recent years that most sportsbooks now offer SPG betting as part of the service that they provide, thus making it an accessible option for many to utilize should they wish to.


What is an example of a same game parlay?

An example of a same game parlay bet could be when a person bets on a single game/event and then adds certain outcomes that they believe will happen, such as certain prop bets.

Let’s take a look at an example using the NFL, although it can be translated to almost every single sport that is available.

An individual may look at betting on a certain game, such as the Super Bowl, but instead of simply betting on the winner of the match, they may look to make things interesting by selecting a number of numerous outcomes that they feel might happen.

They might select who they believe will score the first touchdown, whether a player will score a TD at any point in the game, add whether they feel a player will be able to achieve a certain number of yards, and perhaps pick how many interceptions might happen in the game. Of course, there are a variety of different ways in which this bet can look, and the Moneyline bet can also be included if desired.


Why do same game parlays make betting exciting?

With the example highlighted above, it should become rather apparent why so many sports betting enthusiasts have started to look at this type of bet as a standard wager that they place each time they enjoy a session.

By adding more elements to the bet that has been placed, the excitement levels will naturally be increased whilst the euphoria of it coming in if successful will be unmatched. Additionally, as there is so much on the line because of the number of different props used, the odds will typically provide a greater sum of money if they turn out to be correct.


Are there drawbacks to same game parlays?

As with almost everything in sports betting with the types of bets made available, there is one notable drawback to SPGs.

The flip side of being able to earn more money is that these types of bets will typically require a little more to be wagered, whilst they will also be a lot more difficult to accurately land as the odds do not tend to be in the bettor’s favor.



There is no doubt that same game parlays make sports betting even more exciting than it already is, especially as those who correctly build a winning wager are equally rewarded. It is important to note that these bets have a greater chance of failing, though, but they can make the entire betting experience more entertaining than ever before.