Kindred to Double Workforce as Proprietary Sportsbook Ambitions Increase

Kindred Group is looking to take end-to-end control of its sportsbook platform, the company has confirmed. As part of that, the group is expanding its recruitment drive in a bid to bolster trading capabilities and continue to keep up with demand for its sports betting product demand. 

Kindred Group to Focus on Future Sportsbook 

This will include the creation of a proprietary sportsbook product that is supposed to remove any third-party involvement in Kindred by any third-party supplier. The move will include numerous changes across the company’s technology capabilities including a new Kindred Racing Platform (KRP) which will be changed to now integrate a full sportsbook solution developed to cater to partners internationally.

Kindred is hoping to reach 400 employees, effectively doubling today’s workforce in a bid to achieve this and more. Kindred is going to focus its sportsbook aspirations on key and growing markets, including North America, Australia, and Europe through operating licenses from Gibraltar, Sweden, the UK, and Malta. The company expects to have a much better offer for the end-customer as confirmed by chief product officer Erik Bäcklund

“What underpins our strategic intention is moving away from being a sales and marketing-led business, towards a product- and customer-experience-focused organization.”

Kindred Group chief product officer Erik Bäcklund

Effectively, the company’s sportsbook will fill the missing puzzle and allow it to offer a full-scale gambling experience, one that now includes aggregation and iGaming services today. Bäcklund added that the racing platform has been hugely successful and that a fully-fledged platform would make it possible to build upon that experience. 

Racing Platform Was Always Built with Sports in Mind 

Ben Colley, the group head of trading, confirmed that the racing product was always created with the idea and option of expanding into sports betting, rather than relying on third parties:

“We set out to create what we considered to be the first truly 24/7 racing product, with as much streaming and rich content that we could lay our hands-on.”

Kindred head of trading Ben Colley

Colley confirmed that its main sports partners, Kambi and Sportradar, are both excellent and that the company would seek to establish further collaboration with both. Earlier this month, Kindred confirmed that a partnership with Kambi has already been signed up.