Michigan Joins Interstate Poker Network • This Week in Gambling

As we reported on our gambling news video from March 29th, The Rise of Interstate Poker Compacts in America, the shared liquidity agreement between Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware has now grown to include the state of Michigan. This is just the first step of expansion that industry insiders believe will also include Pennsylvania and possibly West Virginia, for starters.

It’s also worth noting that while this agreement clearly benefits online poker the most, it is not exclusive to poker. In fact, the specific wording of the announcement was that the purpose of shared liquidity was to benefit players who participate in ‘legal forms of internet gaming’ which seems to include games beyond poker. Additional states can join once they have regulated online gaming within their borders.

Rebecca Satterfield, the Internet Gaming Manager for the Delaware Lottery, is also the Manager of the Association. She seems to bolster the fact that this agreement is for more than poker by stating that “The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association welcomes Michigan to its ranks, along with its nearly 10 million residents, who can now avail themselves of a full array of interactive gaming among the Association’s member states.”

Of course, Michigan’s participation in the Interstate Poker agreement is still dependent on the execution of the Agreement by the state. This seems like a formality, however, and they will undoubtedly become the fourth member.

Satterfield added that “The Association continues to be forward-thinking and welcomes the interest of additional gaming jurisdictions in becoming a party to the Agreement.”