MLB Boston Red Sox Betting Predictions for the 2022 Season

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have yet to sign a new collective-bargaining agreement. There’s a real chance the season starts late. But although the season may start late, it doesn’t mean we won’t have any baseball in 2022. One of the more intriguing teams to think about are the Boston Red Sox. Are the odds on the Red Sox to win their division, the American League Pennant, and the 2022 World Series overlaid, underlaid, or fair? Check out a Boston Red Sox 2022 Season analysis so you can start planning your bets against their MLB Betting Odds.

Red Sox MLB Betting Predictions

2022 MLB Season 

  • When: March 31 – Nov. 2

Boston Red Sox to Win the AL East Division +500 

The Red Sox offer overlay odds to win the American League East Division. It’s not that Boston is a better team than the Toronto Blue Jays, the chalk, or the New York Yankees, the second choice.

But the Blue Jays and the Yankees aren’t that much better than the Red Sox. So why back a team like Toronto or NYY at less than +200 odds when you can back the Red Sox at +500?

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Overlay  

Boston to Win the American League Pennant +770 

Boston offers fair odds to win the AL Pennant. The Red Sox are a Chris Sale Cy Young performance away from having one of the very best starting rotations in baseball.

Nathan Eovaldi, Nick Pivetta, and Rich Hill posted ERAs below 4.00 last season. So if Sale returns to his dominant form, forget it. Boston can start a top pitcher in every postseason game.

Also, few teams hit as well as the Boston Red Sox. So unless Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts have disappointing seasons, the Red Sox should secure a postseason berth, either a wild card or win the AL East.    

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Fair 

Red Sox to Win the World Series +1600 

If the Red Sox make the postseason, it’s likely because Chris Sale returns to form. Sale is the best pitcher in baseball when he’s got his slider working. 

Eovaldi, Pivetta, and Hill are more than capable. Devers must bring up his batting average, but he should if the Red Sox make the World Series. So Boston does have enough balance in the batting lineup, and a starting rotation, that could lead to a World Series win. 

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Fair 

Chris Sale AL Cy Young Award +1400 

Counting on Sale to return to his best form is tough. But, again, when Sale has the ridiculous slider working, he dominates. 

So, really, it’s a question of how long it will take for Sale to hit his stride. The other contenders, including the Yankees’ Gerrit Cole, don’t have the stuff a healthy Chris Sale possesses. At the odds, Sale is worth a look for a sure. 

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Overlay  

Rafael Devers AL MVP Award +2000 

Devers is an excellent player. But his batting average of .257 left something to be desired. The big problem with backing Devers is that other players have a better shot of takin the MVP.

Mike Trout, as an example, should have a fantastic season either hitting ahead of or behind Shohei Ohtani. Shohei, the defending MVP, is the chalk because he pitches and hits well. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. does everything well. He’s the complete player. So Devers odds look great, but they aren’t great considering the competition he faces to win AL MVP. 

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Underlay  



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