The Direction Poker in 2023 • This Week in Gambling

Poker is one of the most popular games in the world, and poker in 2023 will continue to draw millions of players. With an estimated 100 million players worldwide. The U.S. proudly holds most of the world’s poker population, with around 60 million players. U.S. gamblers account for more than 60% of the worldwide poker economy.

In this article, originally published for Online Casino City, the author will go over the top trends for poker in 2023, plus the reason for the sudden influx of new poker players and the industry’s future direction. Please visit the website for the complete list.

Variety of games

The most popular gambling games, including Texas Holdem and Omaha, are now primarily figured out, and professional players’ newfound knowledge is being taken advantage of. Forcing newer players to come up with variations and new games, so they stand more of a chance.

Crypto payouts

After the recent FTX fiasco, everyone is questioning what the crypto industry holds for the future. With that said, players are hoping that online casinos are not keeping too large of an portion of their deposits in cryptocurrency. Players may start demanding more transparency regarding the exact whereabouts of funds held by online casinos.

Crypto gaming

Crypto gambling and sports betting software have been in the creators’ developmental hands for years. The main criteria online players have to judge the reputation and safety of an online casino are the years a platform has been on the market, reviews, and payouts. Crypto may still need time and testing before it’s ready for poker in 2023.

Virtual Reality casinos

Virtual reality brings a fun aspect that is usually missing in online poker –reading your opponents, talking to them, and reading body language for tells. This is the one thing that live poker has over online casinos. Although online poker has its pros as well, virtual reality casinos have blended live and online poker together to make something great.


With the push of new players to the market, many have ended up in online casinos, and in 2023. So be on the lookout for online players showing up at your local casino. If you come across online players, make sure you use your poker table skills to put the pressure on them.

This next year will be a great WSOP to watch. With all of the new celebrity poker pros facing off against some of the biggest social media giants. I will definitely be tuning in. Poker in 2023 will be a turn of events, and I am sure there will be some major developments in the world of virtual reality and online play.You can see the full version of this article here.