US Sports Betting & Online Gambling Updates • This Week in Gambling

J.Todd attends the Global Gaming Expo and speaks with the AGA’s Senior Vice President for Strategic Communications, Casey Clark, about the US sports betting market. Discussion includes how the pandemic may have actually helped the online sports betting industry, and how mobile sports betting may help the spread of online gambling in America.

Legal sports betting is available online and in casinos across several American states in the country. Web based sports books are legal in over 30 states now, and that list will only get longer as other states see the economic benefits of regulating the activity. This was all made possible by a Supreme Court decision back in 2018, when they decided that the  legalizing of US sports betting should be a matter for each state to decide for themselves.

Now, the AGA discusses how COVID may have helped boost the industry in the right direction, as well as provide a blueprint for states who may also be interested in the regulation of online casino games. You can also watch other interviews with the AGA right here on our website, which focused on Americans opinions on legalized sports wagers, and the Congressional Gaming Caucus.

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