Yogonet upgrades its platform: simpler, more dynamic, and with sectorized content

Nearing the 20-year mark, those of us who make the gaming industry’s pioneer newspaper decided to relaunch, as of today, a complete renovation to provide a more attractive, fast, and easy-to-read version, both on the web and on mobile devices.

In this new platform, developed entirely by Yogonet’s design and programming team, readers will find a better-organized information structure, sectorized news, and new exclusive content.

Our readers will also discover a redesign of the advertising spaces, with new options for all those companies that today trust the medium as a diffusion and promotion tool of their products and services.

We have worked for more than a year in the development of this new design, having taken advantage of the pandemic months to analyze reader’s behavior, their reading times, and content choices, and we decided to reinvent Yogonet and join the industry’s market recovery, that we believe deserves an updated visual and technological version. We wanted to celebrate the nearly two decades mark of the news service that accompanies thousands of executives and businessmen in the sector every day with this novelty, which required a lot of work but of which we are proud of”, highlighted Diego Fiz, director and founder of Yogonet S.A.

According to the measurements carried out by companies such as Alexa (from the giant Amazon) and Google Analytics, Yogonet is currently the best-positioned news site of the gaming industry in Latin America, and one of the top most-read in the United States and Europe, thus achieving a large global quota of readers.

“We know that the industry always seeks for more, and we believe that in addition to offering the best information, it is necessary to invest in technology to accompany our journalistic work with innovation and development. As we began to work on this update, we felt responsible for improving, deepening, and adapting to this new, fast-paced, and challenging period. We have embarked on this path for the last fourteen months. As Diego said, we are delighted to offer today Yogonet’s first new and updated version, on which we will continue to work and present new features constantly”, added Pablo Zuppi, also director and co-founder of Yogonet.

“In the coming weeks we will begin to have the first metrics of visits and reader behavior, which will surely help us to adjust the last details of Yogonet, we will additionally launch a series of tools for our advertisers, aimed at optimizing and analyzing minute by minute your investment in advertising, which we believe will set a new standard in our vertical. Ultimately, we want to continue to be the first choice of many executives when it comes to getting information, and we believe that with this type of development we can achieve it”, Fiz concluded.