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With no fewer than four lawsuits filed by opponents of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority, not to mention an injunction, a stay of the injunction, and three of the cases already heading to the Court of Appeals, we called on legal analyst and Standardbred horseman Andrew Cohen to help us understand what is driving the litigation and what we can expect going forward.

Cohen, senior editor of the Marshall Project and formerly with CBS News and the Atlantic, joins Ray Paulick in this week’s Friday Show in a wide-ranging conversation touching on the status of the four lawsuits – two filed in Texas, one in Kentucky, and one in Louisiana – and how politics may play into an issue that Cohen says is not political.

For now, Cohen says, a Court of Appeals stay blocking an injunction against HISA in Louisiana and West Virginia means the Authority can enforce its regulations. But that stay, he added, may only be good for a few days.

Conversely, the industry might as well get used to ongoing litigation against HISA for months or years to come, Cohen said, and it may not be resolved until the Supreme Court hears one of the cases.

Watch this week’s episode of the Friday Show below:

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